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Budget Travel Korea | Seoul | Namsan Cable Car & N Seoul Tower

! This is a Running Man site =D
I have to say; some of our tours in Korea were motivated by Running Man episodes and this is one of them :P 
The Namsan Mountain stands at 236 metres in height in the middle of this bustling city of Seoul and the N Seoul Tower which is a communication and observation tower located at its peak. 
Our vertical excursions to Namsan peak started with first, boarding the Namsan Oreumi - a slanted elevator which is totally FOC.. cool huh? I don't even understand why didn't I take a picture of it though -_- but here are photos of my sis and I inside the oreumi :P

And here's the view of the city as the oreumi was ascending towards the Namsan Cable Car station. The buildings on the right are actually within Myeong-dong area.

After about 2-3 minutes of boarding the oreumi we reached the cable car station, this is us in the cable car. You can see a wider view of the city in the background. The return ticket for cable car is 8,500 won per person and 6,000 if …

Budget Travel Korea | Seoul | Bukchon Hanok Village via Samcheong-dong Part 2

Hanok is the Korean traditional house. The Bukchon Hanok village in Seoul has existed for 600 years along with the palaces around Seoul. It is located in between the Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung palaces, and used to be the neighbourhood of aristocrats as well as high-ranked government officials back in the day. 

Amazingly, the houses are still being occupied today so visitors are advised to keep their voice down along the tour to avoid disturbing the residents. 

So this tour is about walking around the hilly neighbourhood of ancient traditional Korean houses (could be the Beverly Hills of Joseon Dynasty lol) whilst admiring the exteriors =D

Some of the hanoks are turned into galleries, museums, tea houses and for other cultural experiences so you are able to appreciate the interiors if you go to any of those houses.
During our trip, we found a hanok turned into a private holiday villa. The owners only come back to Korea annually so for the rest of the year this villa is opened to the p…