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! This is a Running Man site =D

N Seoul Tower

I have to say; some of our tours in Korea were motivated by Running Man episodes and this is one of them :P 

The Namsan Mountain stands at 236 metres in height in the middle of this bustling city of Seoul and the N Seoul Tower which is a communication and observation tower located at its peak. 

Our vertical excursions to Namsan peak started with first, boarding the Namsan Oreumi - a slanted elevator which is totally FOC.. cool huh? I don't even understand why didn't I take a picture of it though -_- but here are photos of my sis and I inside the oreumi :P

And here's the view of the city as the oreumi was ascending towards the Namsan Cable Car station. The buildings on the right are actually within Myeong-dong area.

After about 2-3 minutes of boarding the oreumi we reached the cable car station, this is us in the cable car. You can see a wider view of the city in the background. The return ticket for cable car is 8,500 won per person and 6,000 if you only go one-way (you could also take a walk downhill to go back).

When you reach the cable car station on the mountain, you have to climb the stairs a bit more to reach the peak hehe.

The staircase also leads downhill; we would've gone there if it was not for our tight schedule [sigh]..

On the way up the staircase to the Namsan peak, there's an observatory deck where you can get a good view of the city especially Myeong-dong area where the deck is facing. But the other main thing to do here is to testify your feelings towards your partner by 'locking up' your love if you know what I mean hehe...

But don't you think that these padlocks are overrated though? :P They are just everywhere. 

And when you finally reach the top, there are plenty of things to do here, so many great stuff to capture on camera. There are shops selling souvenirs, snacks and cafe as well..

I particularly remember this one where Jae-suk oppa stood in one of Running Man earlier episodes when he was trying to spot their guest stars in the crowd ^^
Spring blooms

If you want to get some exercise you could just hike up to the peak like these visitors did.. I bet it's just like a walk in the park considering they are only wearing normal clothes. Some of them may just got off from work as we were there around 6pm. It was the end of spring alright, but the temperature was still cold for me and it got kind of chilly up here at that hour.

More padlocks! Lol.. but these look old already, I bet they started here first and then later down at the deck. These ones are located just next to the base of the tower.

And when it's about that time, I took the elevator up to the observatory floor of the tower to get a 360 degree panoramic view of Seoul. The entry fee for this is 9,000 won per person. We also purposely came around this hour to view the city at sunset :) .. and so did the other visitors. 

The 360 degree observatory floor

If I got my bearing right, the area across the river  directly 
behind the red and white communcation tower 
should be Gangnam :P

Northern part of Seoul with the Bukhansan mountain in the back

You can checkout this online offer for a discounted N Seoul Tower Observatory Ticket

And there goes the sun.. as if hanging just above the Han River..

Saw these on my way to the elevator to get down... Seoul IS a city for lovers! ^^

Bye bye Seoul Tower... 

Some photos around Namsan Tower in Autumn (from my repeat visits to Seoul in 2016 =P)..

The padlocks seem to be taking over this mountain very soon lol =P

Autumn foliage view from the observatory deck

And now it's time for Korean Desserts in Myeong-dong! =D

Getting here:
Myeong-dong station Line 4, Exit 4. 
Walk straight as you exit the subway until you reach a big cross-road; there is a Shinsigae mall at the junction. Turn left at the cross-road and just walk straight ahead until you arrive at the Namsan Oreumi platform. N Seoul Tower would already be visible as you take the left turn.

Last updated June 6 2017


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