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Budget Travel Korea | Seoul | Hiking Bukhansan Mountain

Bukhansan literally means the 'big mountain in the north'. It has many peaks so I presume the name Bukhansan represents a very wide mountain range located north of Seoul city.
Of all the peaks, we tackled Baegundae; the tallest one standing at 836.5m above sea level. Not so high indeed, I mean even Gunung Datuk in Rembau in my state is slightly higher but being a non-hiker and all, some trails were gruesome enough for me ha ha .. (Just because I'm a guide cum operator @ Gua Batu Maloi that doesn't mean I love hiking guys). I mean, I'm more of a water sports kinda a gal, so i rarely go hiking :P. However, I thought this hiking trip was a must-do somehow ;)
There are a number of routes to the top but of course we had to take the longer one to avoid steep trails ha ha - we were not in a rush anyways. 
We, my sister and I started the hike kinda late coz we left Itaewon around 10am++ and arrived at Gupabal station (line 3, orange) some 30 minutes later where we had to line…

REVIEW | Colosseum - A NEW Event Space in Glenmarie Shah Alam

There is a new hip space for events @ Hi-com Glenmarie Industrial Park in Shah Alam! It's called the Colosseum.

Last Ramadhan me and a group of blogger friends were invited for a 'buka puasa' or Iftar function there and to my pleasant surprise the building and amenities were simple yet cool at the same time; its contemporary mixed with industrial type of design seal it for me. I love simplicity and I love modern. The floor-to-ceiling glass wall on one side of the building is also interesting for me, coz i love lots of lights coming into my space ;)

This space is suitable for weddings, meetings, seminars, hi-teas, you name it .. check out the bunting behind me; btw, isn't that bench just adorable?

It's made out of metal oil drum. And oh yeah, the whole building is also made out of metal containers - the ones that you see on ships for transporting goods across the ocean. Talk about re-purposing stuff huh, very innovative.Love it.
If you have a big crowd for your function…