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Budget Travel Korea | Busan | Samarkand Halal Uzbekistan Food Restaurant

After almost 3 days of instant rice, sambal ikan bilis (dried anchovies cooked with chili) and raw seafood in Jeju, I think we deserved this huge dinner in Busan =D.

The restaurant is called Samarkand, which just so happened to be conveniently located about only 50 metres away from our motel in Busan China Town; basically on the same row. 
They serve halal Uzbekistan dishes which were mostly deep-fried, grilled meat that comes with french fries - just my kinda food =D .. and oh yeah, they also have a good selection of desserts. 

The selections in the menu look really good and even though they were printed in Korean and cyrillic (Russian alphabet) only, I believe you could do no wrong  when it comes to any deep-fried / grilled food lol. 

We went for a plate of grilled beef, some kind of chicken schnitzel (both came with fries) and a plate of deep-fried beef dumplings which look pretty much like mandu, Korean dumplings. I have been dreaming of sinking my teeth in these dumplings and was ver…

Budget Travel Korea | Busan | Jagalchi Market

! Another Running Man site =D

This is another Running Man-motivated tour hehe.. just like our visit to Namsan peak and N Seoul Tower. Yup, that show is so powerful it has changed my skepticism and perspectives on this whole country (I visited Jeju island for 6 days in 2001 but didn't find Korea that exciting to ever come back but that's another story..)

As you can see below, Jagalchi is known as the World Famous Fish Market and  the seafood you can find there is really no joke. A lot of them I haven't seen before in my entire life. But then again, this is expected as Busan is after all a harbour city.

There are simply so many stuff to see here; I mean if you don't plan on doing any shopping or dine at one of the many restaurants you could come here and just watch all the fresh, live seafood on display. They are a spectacle on their own ^^

Feast your eyes, they don't get any fresher than these ..

Budget Travel Korea | Seoul | Eid 이드 Halal Korean Food Restaurant

Eid 이드 Halal Korean Food Restaurant is located in the famous 'foreigner neighbourhood' of Seoul - Itaewon. It's owned by a Korean Muslim family and was opened on 13.10.2014. Nowadays, Eid is becoming a popular 'go-to' halal joint for Muslim backpackers from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore; mainly because of the authenticity of the food served as most of the halal food you'd find in Korea would be kebabs and foods served in Indian/ Arab/ Middle East restaurants. I mean, if you would prefer to have certified halal Korean food made by the locals, this should be in your Korea itinerary ^^
That's the front of the restaurant, it's close every Monday. Because we stayed at Eid's new guesthouse just a minute away on foot from the restaurant, we waited there to be fetched by the owner, Saad when we arrived from Incheon airport. We dined at the restaurant on another day instead and enjoyed a 10% discount as guests of their accommodation. 
The menu is very simp…

Budget Travel Korea | Seoul | BIGBANG Seungri's Cafe

I'm actually not a fan of BIGBANG's but I do like them .. especially TOP and GD. I also like their songs.. kind of different than those by most K-pop bands. However I have to admit that my superficial affections could not 'qualify' me as a fan .. at least not yet LOL :D 

This lil' speedy trip to cafe that reportedly Seungri bought for his 'omma' (mother) was requested by my sis... she's the big BIGBANG / Seungri fan actually =D. The cafe was pretty easy to find and since we came from Myeong-dong right after our Korean dessert experience at Sulbing cafe, the journey was very short.. only four subway stations away on Line 4 for about 10 minutes.
We left Sulbing at around 9.45pm and reached the cafe around 10.10 pm after a bit of walking from Hyehwa Station. We had to rush there coz it closes at 11pm.

The name is kind of weird for me but is a pretty big double-storey cafe complete with a mini stage, keyboard and the works. I'm sure local…