Budget Travel Korea | Busan | Samarkand Halal Uzbekistan Food Restaurant

After almost 3 days of instant rice, sambal ikan bilis (dried anchovies cooked with chili) and raw seafood in Jeju, I think we deserved this huge dinner in Busan =D.

The restaurant is called Samarkand, which just so happened to be conveniently located about only 50 metres away from our motel in Busan China Town; basically on the same row. 

They serve halal Uzbekistan dishes which were mostly deep-fried, grilled meat that comes with french fries - just my kinda food =D .. and oh yeah, they also have a good selection of desserts. 

The selections in the menu look really good and even though they were printed in Korean and cyrillic (Russian alphabet) only, I believe you could do no wrong  when it comes to any deep-fried / grilled food lol. 

We went for a plate of grilled beef, some kind of chicken schnitzel (both came with fries) and a plate of deep-fried beef dumplings which look pretty much like mandu, Korean dumplings. I have been dreaming of sinking my teeth in these dumplings and was very excited and grateful enough even though we found them in an Uzbekistan restaurant instead hahaaa .. 

Deep-fried dumplings
For drinks, we ordered one of their traditional tea coz we wanted to stay true to the Uzbek experience. Plus, the tea came in a very pretty teapot .. so it's about the overall dining experience, not just the food  here hehe.

My sister 'acting' real while pouring us tea hahaa

As you can see, these dishes were also accompanied by a bowl of chilli sauce and 3 types of kimchi salads to cater for Asian and Korean palettes who mostly like it spicy. Of course this was not enough for me hahaa... had to throw in some creamy factor in that meal as well, so we requested for some mayonnaise to accompany our dish :P

All in all, we really enjoyed this meal but we were so filled that we didn't order desserts, we also had to pack the leftovers hehee.. 

Getting here:
Line 1 (red) Busan Station. Take exit 5 and turn right immediately upon exiting towards the backstreet which is the China Town area. You will see a 7 Eleven shop  at a small crossroad ahead. Turn left at the crossroad into the backstreet and walk along for about 80-100 metres. Samarkand restaurant will be on your right (sorry, I didn't take a photo of the front of the shop :P).


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