Budget Travel Korea | Seoul | Sulbing (설빙) Korean Dessert Cafe

Meet my rave the Mango Cheese bingsu and Sulbing cafe's best-seller the Injeolmi toast =D. I read about this dessert place on a Muslim Travel blog and immediately decided that it should and must be on our Korea itinerary ^^. As you can see, I was really glad that it was =D. We came here right after our visit to N Seoul Tower.
I could've faked a bigger smile though...
LOL kidding!
We went to one of three Sulbing cafes in Myeong-dong. Yup, this shopping hub is so busy that you need three cafes of the same chain within a small area. In fact, other brands have multiple outlets here too lol. The branch that we went to was located on the second floor right above a Nature Republic shop and opposite of The Saem - another Korean beauty line. You can see The Saem signboard in my photo above as we took the window seats facing the busy shoppers-streets of Myeong-dong. 

Bingsu is shaved ice topped with _____ ... I mean, with anything you could think of, just fill in the blank! It's a popular dessert throughout Korea, however we have a fair share of 'bingsu' culture here in Malaysia too and it's known as a  - ABC. Yup, ABC for Air Batu Campur which means '(shaved) ice mixed with anything' lol. But I have to say that bingsus have finer and smoother shaved ice though.. and  the ones at Sulbing especially, are all that and creamy coz it's made from frozen milk, yumm!

Ours was topped with huge cubes of mango, cheese (white cubes) as well as a big scoop of Vanilla ice cream and whole almonds. That is a pretty huge bowl of bingsu to have on your own though. I thought the serving size could feed up to four people. Even though both of us shared a serving and tried really hard to finish it up, the portion was still too big for us.

The Injeolmi toast was actually injeolmi (glutinuous rice) sandwiched in between two thick white bread, toasted and heavily sprinkled with dried bean powder and almond shards. It's my first injeolmi toast and I thought the taste was just OK, nothing much to rave about .. (sorry). Ordered it because it's a best-seller there hehe. Couldn't finish that either maybe coz we ordered 2 huge portions of sweet dishes... dang, I should've ordered the butter garlic toast instead :P

Annnnndddd after this big sweet treat we rushed to Big Bang's and K-pop sensation Seungri's AND.HERE cafe in Jongno-gu ^^

Getting here:
Myeong-dong Station Line 4, Exit 6. As you exit this subway you'll be walking into a busy street with a notably huge Nature Republic branch at the corner of the first row of shops on your left. Take the left turn right at the 2nd door of the shop in the back and walk straight (around 60-70 metres) until you reach the next junction to the right. Take this junction, walk straight and look out for another Nature Republic branch on your left side and The Saem on the right; immediately after you pass another junction to right. Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe (black signage) is right above Nature Republic as shown in my photo above.

Of course this chain cafe has many other branches around the city too; the ones that I have spotted in my subsequent trips to Seoul are:

1- Along Jong-ro street; between exit 4 of Jonggak Stn. and the crossroad just before Tapgol Park.

2- Opposite of Lotteria; walk straight as you take exit 13 of Dongdaemun History & Cultural Park Stn.

3- Right in Insadong; if you enter Insadong-gil from the etrance near Tapgol Park, just walk straight and the shop will be on the 2nd floor of a building on your right side, somewhere near Paris Baguette.

This 'berry something' sulbing is a must-try too, probably has out-done my mango cheese sulbing too lol :P

Took some visitors from Malaysia to the branch in Insadong ;)

Last updated June 1st 2017


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