Budget Travel Korea | Busan | Jagalchi Market

! Another Running Man site =D

This is another Running Man-motivated tour hehe.. just like our visit to Namsan peak and N Seoul Tower. Yup, that show is so powerful it has changed my skepticism and perspectives on this whole country (I visited Jeju island for 6 days in 2001 but didn't find Korea that exciting to ever come back but that's another story..)

As you can see below, Jagalchi is known as the World Famous Fish Market and  the seafood you can find there is really no joke. A lot of them I haven't seen before in my entire life. But then again, this is expected as Busan is after all a harbour city.

Indoor seafood market

There are simply so many stuff to see here; I mean if you don't plan on doing any shopping or dine at one of the many restaurants you could come here and just watch all the fresh, live seafood on display. They are a spectacle on their own ^^

Can you imagine Yoo Jae-Suk and other Running Man members running
 around looking for mission items here? =D

Feast your eyes, they don't get any fresher than these ..

I'm not sure what these were, probably a type of sea cucumber or slug but when I showed this photo to my male cousin he quickly said something that I wish I didn't hear LOL .. what do these look like to you??

Okay, so we didn't get to try the seafood dishes sold at the market which was a bummer coz we were on a rush to Taejongdae but we compensated that with a heavy dinner at Samarkand Halal restaurant in Busan China Town. Of course it was not a fair compensation for these fresh seafood!! T_T But it was excellent  nonetheless.

We walked out of this fishy street a little bit to walk at the harbour - literally just behind the stalls and the view was amazing as you can see Gamcheon Culture village nestled at the foothill. Vice versa, I also have the photo of this harbour taken from the other side heheh..

My sister and I
From there, we continued walking to a 'drier' market that sells veges and other stuff which were interesting as well..

The iconic garlic bundles frequently used in Korean cuisine 
Dried medicinal herbs
A variety of anchovies
I wanted to pick up a couple of hundred grams of the tiny anchovies but our lovely hosts at Eid Guesthouse in Seoul has already gifted us a pack. So we saved 2,000 won per hundred gram there :P

And these ahjumma working pants .. didn't pick that up but I wish I did ..  My sister thought it was silly of me LOL .. very Korean don't you think? Seen a lot of those in Running Man episodes and K-dramas. Saved 5,000 won a pair there.

Finally we bought something from the market.. a box of blackberries and roasted dried 'gim' or Korean seaweed .. also known as laver.

Getting here:

Jagalchi Station (Busan subway line 1), Exit 10.

Turn right onto Jagalchi 3(sam)-gil Street.

Walk for 5min, then turn left to arrive at Jagalchi 



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