Budget Travel Korea | Seoul | BIGBANG Seungri's AND.here Cafe

I'm actually not a fan of BIGBANG's but I do like them .. especially TOP and GD. I also like their songs.. kind of different than those by most K-pop bands. However I have to admit that my superficial affections could not 'qualify' me as a fan .. at least not yet LOL :D 

This lil' speedy trip to AND.here cafe that reportedly Seungri bought for his 'omma' (mother) was requested by my sis... she's the big BIGBANG / Seungri fan actually =D. The cafe was pretty easy to find and since we came from Myeong-dong right after our Korean dessert experience at Sulbing cafe, the journey was very short.. only four subway stations away on Line 4 for about 10 minutes.

We left Sulbing at around 9.45pm and reached the cafe around 10.10 pm after a bit of walking from Hyehwa Station. We had to rush there coz it closes at 11pm.

The name is kind of weird for me but AND.here is a pretty big double-storey cafe complete with a mini stage, keyboard and the works. I'm sure local talents get to perform here but most importantly Big Bang members sometimes do their late-night rehearsals there too ^^. I also like the minimalist interior decor and what a nice way to pay homage to his fans too as Seungri displays quite a lot of gifts from them here.

The mini stage is located on the second floor -
Big Bang members have sat there aww!!
 My green tea latte was a tad too sweet for my liking but it's all good
The gorilla - gift from TOP ^^
Apparently Seungri's sister was manning the cash register when we ordered our drinks - of course my sister told me that! Hahaa I wouldn't know so much details about this artiste.. she looks like Seungri with a bob by the way =D 

Us and Seungri's omma <3
And it's just our luck that my sister's future mother-in-law was there too - Seungri's omma hahaa ^^. No lah, she's not THAT crazy of the singer .. I think.. Seungri's mom is so friendly she invited us for a selfie! Maybe she's touched with the fact that we came all the way from Malaysia to get a drink here lol =D She's so sweet she took us on a little tour around the cafe and I don't think I'm over-exaggerating if I say that she really entertained us. She waited around for us to take memorable photos of the cafe and even took several selfies with us.

Seungri's solo albums

Finally, here's my sister's photo with a stuffed lion - apparently Seungri often take selfies with this cutey (claimed my sister :P) but I only managed to find one photo taken from www.instawebgram.com/i/nyongtoryisreal .. there's GD too ^^

Getting here:
Get down Hyehwa Station Line 4 (blue) and take Exit 1. Immediately turn right as you exit to walk in front of the row of shops facing the exit and main road. Walk along the shops for about 70 metres or less until you see an alley on your left parting the the row of shops. Take the alley and just go straight until you reach the end of the street where you'll find a curve staircase (you'll see a Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe on your left on your way there). Go up the staircase and walk towards the first junction on your right. Turn right at the junction and walk along for about 50 metres and AND.here cafe will be on your left. 


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