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Eid 이드 Halal Korean Food Restaurant is located in the famous 'foreigner neighbourhood' of Seoul - Itaewon. It's owned by a Korean Muslim family and was opened on 13.10.2014. Nowadays, Eid is becoming a popular 'go-to' halal joint for Muslim backpackers from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore; mainly because of the authenticity of the food served as most of the halal food you'd find in Korea would be kebabs and foods served in Indian/ Arab/ Middle East restaurants. I mean, if you would prefer to have certified halal Korean food made by the locals, this should be in your Korea itinerary ^^
With Saad the owner

That's the front of the restaurant, it's close every Monday. Because we stayed at Eid's new guesthouse just a minute away on foot from the restaurant, we waited there to be fetched by the owner, Saad when we arrived from Incheon airport. We dined at the restaurant on another day instead and enjoyed a 10% discount as guests of their accommodation. 

Our bulgolgi and tteokbokki
The menu is very simple, you can choose from bibimbap, bulgolgi, samgyetang (chicken soup) or grilled fish - all come with a bowl of rice, 3 sides of kimchi, salad in sesame dressing and fried anchovies with honey and almonds (my fav ^^) and Korean tea. All these meals sell for below 10,000 won.. pretty cheap huh.. and very filling too!

However, I requested for tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) instead. After all that walking in the streets of Seoul watching ahjummas selling rice cakes just made me crave for halal tteokbokki myself =D

Saad's  dad Mr. Yusuf and his mother cooking in the kitchen
Eid restaurant is small but cozy and has a homey feel to it. And since the mom does all the cooking, you can rest assure you'll get a taste of Korean home-cooked meal here. 

Above all else, the thing I appreciate most here is the family that runs it, very friendly and warm Korean Muslim family whom each has a fascinating story as to how they reverted to Islam one after another. MashaAllah. 

They also took good care of us during our stay at their guesthouse which is another fun experience as we were their first guests =D. Read all about it here.

For reservations, you could also contact Eid Halal Korean Food Facebook Fanpage.

Getting here:

Itaewon station Line 6 (brown), Exit 3. Walk straight ahead in front of the shops as you exit the subway until you reach the first junction to the right. There is a Mr. Kebab shop at this corner. Turn right into the junction and take the road uphill until you reach a school. Turn left at the school into a smaller street and walk straight ahead. 

You will find the Seoul Masjid entrance on your left, walk further about 5 minutes or less until you reach Eid Halal Korean Food restaurant on your left. The total time taken from Itaewon station would be around 10-15 minutes. 


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