Budget Travel Korea | Busan | Gamcheon Culture Village

This is another must-see spot in Busan especially for Running Man and K-drama fans =D

We came here around noon after checking in at a motel in Busan China Town; we actually flew in from Jeju that morning. 

As we hopped off the bus, we saw this view and I immediately thought of Rio de Janeiro; 

not that I've been there before though but these roof tops look similar to the houses in Rio as seen in movies and photos. A cousin of mine thought of the same thing too when he saw this photo.

The main attraction here is basically a unique Korean neighborhood built on a hilly area that faces the harbor in downtown Busan. You could experience waking in maze-like narrow alleys of an urban village just like those featured in their dramas. 

This staircase is known as the 'Stairs to See the Stars' because people used to get dizzy climbing it while carrying heavy loads until they thought they saw stars ; just like in the cartoons ha ha. Luckily, we were descending he he ^^

Although some of the houses looked abandoned and some are turned into public galleries for displaying somewhat eccentric artworks, this neighborhood is still very much an active residential area; I could tell by looking at these ahjumma pants hanging on the cloth-line outside one of the houses lol. 

but I wonder if they ever felt bothered by the presence of all these tourists with their little cameras taking selfies everywhere =D

I couldn't understand what this was all about though :P 

House of graffiti where you are allowed to leave some of your creative marks behind
A nice tile artwork on a curve of an alleyway

There are cute cafes like this one among the houses but we didn't checkout it out as we were in a bit of a rush. 

Getting here:
Take Line 1 subway train (red) and get down at Toseong station. Walk straight from Exit 6 until you reach a junction in front of you. Turn right at the junction and walk for about 70 meters until you reach a bus stop in front of Busan Cancer Center. Take town bus number 2 for Gamcheon Culture Village. 


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