Budget Travel Indonesia | Pulau Weh (Sabang) | Rujak Aceh with A View

On our way back to Sumur Tiga beach from snorkeling at Iboih, we stopped by at a small coffee place on the roadside. It's a hilly area and the stall is right on top of a cliff.

The stall may look like it has nothing much to offer but I found it to be one of the best places on Weh island to sample local snacks like rujak Aceh (Aceh fruit salad with special spicy peanut sauce) with a cup of kupi Aceh (Aceh black coffee) because the view is just priceless ..

In Malaysia rujak is spelled as rojak and it means 'a mix of many things', usually a variety of vegetables and fruits served in many types of spicy sauces. Sometimes,  there are shrimp fritters and other fried ingredients added to the mix. So there can be many varieties of rojak

I consider rojak as a salad dish but with very heavy dressing .. more like gravy actually hehe. I believe the same applies in Indonesia.

The owner of the shop made our rujak by first preparing the spicy peanut dressing using maybe a few types of pastes, a type of fruit and some other ingredients. He put them all in a wide wooden mortar that looked more like a huge shallow bowl then ground, mixed and sort of mashed everything together using a small wooden pestle. 

Actually the utensils he was using are almost the same with those used here in Malaysia as well as in Thailand, with some variations in the shapes and sizes I suppose.

He then cut several types of veges and fruits like cucumber, pineapple, unripe mango and a few more fruits that I don't recognize, mix them with the dressing and sprinkled some crushed peanuts. 

We ordered 4 cups of kupi Aceh and 2 servings of rujak Aceh that maybe costed around Rp 10,000 or so :P. Afterwards, we made another stop at Danau Aneuk Laot which is a big fresh water lake.

Getting here:
You'll notice small wooden shops on the roadside on your way to Iboih when you reach the hilly area; just pick one of them coz I don't really know which would serve better rujak but you could always choose based on the view you want ;)


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