Food | Dine Out | 2 Things I love @ Nando's

My first time dining at a Nando's restaurant was circa 1999-2000 ; the only menu I liked back then used to be the burger and that's hugely because they served fries with it (I'm a sucker for deep-fried foods) =D

I didn't find their other grilled chicken menu appetizing either because they were too dry for my liking so that explains why I stopped going there only after a few visits (read: healthy meals are not at the top of my list either he he) ... until my recent stay at  Swiss Garden hotel in Melaka with my mom and sister when we had our lunch at a new shopping mall attached to the hotel, The Shore.

We only found 2 halal restaurants there which were Nando's and a sushi place and were too hungry to explore if there were anymore halal joints tucked in the corners of the top floor.  So we just settled for Nando's coz our mom doesn't eat sushi.

Long story short, I ordered their Caramel Cheese Cake for dessert and that alone has managed to make crave to go back there for more .. it is so good that for the first time ever, after over 10 years keeping my distance from this chain restaurant I can say that I am actually addicted to a Nando's menu :P

It's nothing too fancy really, just a simple cheese cake but the caramel topping made of Muscovado sugar really brought it home for me; its sweetness is just right against the light creaminess and tanginess of the cake.

I mean, I usually can't finish a slice of cheese cake by myself because they are usually too rich but I could easily crush this one in minutes any day ha ha!

Check out the glistening caramel topping yummmmm ^^

Because I've started going to Nando's again (thanks to their caramel cheese cake), I had the pleasure of discovering a chicken menu that is not dry; the Espetada Carnival - chicken thighs stuffed with feta cheese and parsley, skewered with mixed peppers.

Melted feta cheese keeps the chicken thighs appetizingly moist

I still find other chicken dishes here too dry, but I highly recommend that you give a go at this particular Espetada dish.


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