Food | Dine Out | Murtabak Mengkasar @ Pekan, Pahang

This is one famous murtabak. It was showcased in a few newspapers and even the price don't scare customers away =D

The price tag for special and regular murtabak here
What is murtabak? Lemme see, I would describe it as a type of roti canai (famous malaysian staple)  with a lot of minced meat filling coz the roti pastry is the same hehe.

Murtabak Mengkasar  can be considered a food landmark in the huge district of Pekan, in the east-coast state of Pahang, Malaysia. I actually first knew about it after reading an article in a national newspaper.

The shop is located about less than 100m from the arch/gate on Sultan Abu Bakar Street, you won't miss it.

To justify the price tags, check out how they are made ..

Contrary to most murtabak you could find anywhere, they use the roti pastry on the inside and out .. 

The roti pastries that were prepared ahead of opening time

The cook poured a mixture of minced meat, eggs, herbs and spices that he has  prepared earlier on a large grill.. 

In the jugs: mixtures of minced meat, eggs, herbs and spices to make the filling

and laid out 18 pieces roti on the mixture. He then poured the same mixture on top of the pastries and turned them over when the other side is cooked and crispy.
The filling mixture poured on both sides of the roti
The cook flipping over the fillings to cook the other side

Cooked murtabak fillings

When both sides are cooked, he transferred them into this big metal dish..

For the second phase, the cook toss these doughs into wide thin pastry skins,

place a piece of the meat-egg filling on the sheet and wrapped it into one murtabak piece.

He then cooked these murtabak on the grill until both sides are golden and crispy. 

That's your regular murtabak done..

To make the 'special' version of murtabak , he blended several eggs with some spices in a jug using an automated hand mixer tool, added some spring onions,  poured the mixture on the grill again and laid the cooked murtabak on it. 

Then another slosh of the egg mixture went on top of the murtabak..

These were ready to be served when both sides are cooked and browned..

These murtabak are huge; the four of us just shared a slice of the regular one and had 2 of the specials to go. 

They are served with pickled onion and dal gravy. You can opt for chicken or meat filling for your murtabak too.


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