Food | #ICook | My Super Lazy Fix of Chicken Nugget & Apricot Sandwich

Please be warned that this snack has the phrase 'for lazy bums' written all over it ha ha. I'm not even sure if it needs a recipe and cooking instructions =D

But I'm going to blog about it anyway because it was greasy-sweet-spicy-creamy yummy and managed to fill and seal the hole in my tummy ^^ (Ok, that rhymed).

It was 10pm, I still haven't had my dinner but in need of something with bread. I looked around in the kitchen, put my pretentious chef hat on and ..

decided to use:
4 slices of white bread, toasted
Some cabbage, sheared thinly
Red chili flakes
Garlic butter spread, home-made
Apricot jam/jelly
6 pieces of tempura chicken nuggets, deep-fried
Cooking oil for frying

to make dead-easy, almost-gourmet (self-proclaimed) chicken apricot sandwich.

Making it:
1. Heat some oil in a wok / pan and deep-fry the chicken nuggets. While this is happening, do the rest..

2. Toast the bread. 

3. While the breads are toasting, shear some cabbage into thin strips (yes, I used a pair of scissors because I was too lazy to even bother to find the cutting board :p)

4. Spread the toasted bread with garlic butter, mayonnaise and thirdly the apricot jam. I used a lot of mayonnaise.

5. Place the cabbage strips on each bread and sprinkle with red chili flakes to taste.

6. The chicken nuggets would be ready by now. Dry the excess oil on them and simply 'cut' them into bite-size pieces using the same scissors =D

7. Lay the cut nuggets on the bed of salad and bread, fold and voila! Bon a petite! ^^

I ate all four of them he he. 

I would certainly do this snack justice in the future for sure by using aioli or grilled chicken thighs or something a tad fancier/chefy than just plain mayo and fruit jelly :D


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