Budget Travel Indonesia | Pulau Weh (Sabang) | Danau Aneuk Laut

After our scenic snack stop of rujak Aceh and kupi Aceh (a bit of a tongue twister there haha), we passed by a village that is situated on a lakeside. 

It is a fresh water lake that is known as Danau Aneuk Laut which also serves as the water supply for the people of Weh island. It's a beauty, especially if you view it from the hills. 

Beyond the hills is the ocean ^^
There were a couple of houses right on the lakeside, so we stopped by a few minutes to look around the compound. These people are so lucky to have such gorgeous backyard.

There's that giant satellite dish again :P

It seems that clove is a common industry here because there were cloves everywhere left to dry under the sun on the lawn and even on the roadside.

We stopped by at this cute village mosque for Dzuhr and Asr prayer.

Before we left the mosque, we noticed there's a lady behind the mosque picking up dried starfruits. 

The fruits must have been laid there the whole day. I believe she would lay them again in the next several days until they're really shrunk and turned brown in color. 

How did I know this? Because my mom bought 2 kilos of the ready ones from the lady, that's why :P  

Moving on, next we headed to Sabang town.


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