Budget Travel Indonesia | Pulau Weh | Sabang Town

Open-air food court by the beach

Sabang is the town part of Weh island located on a seaside in the north. There are a few beaches around the town but I forgot the names =D 

It was around 5pm and we were pretty tired from all the snorkeling and swimming at Iboih so we just did our sightseeing in the taxi and briefly stopped occasionally to take some photos.

This beach has a Japanese fortress built in 1942; cool huh..

The main mosque of Sabang

Now, this is cute.. the town library also provided a truck-load of books parked near the beach which attracted young readers. 

At the corner of a beach (I'm sorry I don't know the name), we spotted a seaside cafe that looked really relaxing. I just love the atmosphere on the compound; colorful low chairs and tables arranged in between palm trees on the grassy ground, the sea breeze softly blowing in your face and la di da di da.. Of course we had to pick the best seats available - right next to the beach and facing the sea ^^

We invited the taxi driver to join us for tea

Ordered some snacks ..

I love this drink; this one was good but I've had better ones in Bali.

Alpukat (avocado) drink with a drizzle of chocolate syrup

Their version of egg murtabak looks like our version of omelette except that the roti  (thin pastry) part is on the inside instead of outside haha .. confused? 

Aceh's egg murtabak
In Malaysia the pastry or roti part would be outside, wrapping the filling (egg/meat), square in shape and it would be 1-2 cm thick. It's weird but we finished it anyway :P

If you haven't heard about this delicacy before, check out my post on Murtabak Mengkasar @ Pekan, Pahang

And we had a box of fries to go too which I lurveee because they are battered ^^

Checked out the beach for a bit ... it's rocky.

Before we went back to Freddie's, we stopped again in the town to buy some rice and  side dishes for dinner which we had in our room later. 

The shops in the town area.. 
There are a few more rows but I didn't capture them, and the atmosphere was actually a bit more livelier than in those photos hehe. Many stalls would open on the road side towards the evening.

The next day, we checked out at 7am and boarded the 8am ferry back to Banda Aceh. All in all, our transportation around Weh island was very convenient because we had hired the same taxi van since the day we arrived.


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