Budget Travel Korea | Seoul | Yeouido Han River (Hangang) Park

Wow! I haven't posted for ages LOL :P I guess I've been too busy managing and taking people on #RNRAdventures especially to Gua Batu Maloi and Seoul backpacking trips since early this year huhuuuu.. Anyways, let's get down to it - Yeouido Hangang Park.

Late spring: Across the river is the view of Mapo-gu skyline

As many of you may already know, Han River or Hangang is one of the main rivers of South Korea. Stretching over 490 km in length, from east to west, the Han that flows within the Seoul city area itself has a total of 27 bridges crossing it with some parts of the river being more than 1km wide.

Many public parks and cycling paths are built along it to let Seoulites enjoy one of the most natural attractions in the busy city. I can safely say that this river is the heart of Seoul city since it flows right in the middle, parting the Gangnam District on the south side with other famous neigborhoods in the north of the river like Itaewon, Myeongdong, Hongdae and Dongdaemun.

Since I always stay in Itaewon, the Yeouido Hangang Park would be one of the easiest to reach for me^^

Simply take the subway at Itaewon station (Line 6, brown) heading to Eungam, get down at the 4th station - Gongdeok, and transfer to purple line (line 5) heading towards Gimpo Airport to get down at Yeouinaru station (2nd stop after Gongdeok). This means, if you come from other locations, your destination would be Yeouinaru station and then take exit 2 or 3 and the river will be on your right or left depending on the exit you take. You won't miss it, the river is huge! ^^

In late spring and throughout summer, Seoulites like to come out here and have a Seoulite kinda picnic; picnic mats, tents, fried chicken and cold drinks! They do eat other stuff though like pizza or tteokbokki but fried chicken is like their all-time favorite picnic munch while chit-chatting and gazing at the magnificent view of the wide river and buildings on the other side.

Spring picnics 
More tents come summer... the whole park is somewhat packed with campers and with more people thronging the area, sadly rubbish was also everywhere.

Another thing that you'll notice in summer is the somewhat irritating sound (to me at least) of cicadas looking for mates! hahaaa ... it's very distinct and quite ironic in  my opinion, considering this sound can be heard almost everywhere in the big city as long as there are trees including in the middle of the fancy Cheongdam-dong streets! LOL 

Well, cicadas or no cicadas the city view across the river is amazing nevertheless. Summer picnickers ...

My picnic lunch; halal Korean-style fried chicken from Boa Travel House Hongdae

If you come here in spring, there will be more flowers on site..

Cute doggies ^o^

And here's a few autumn photos at the park ^^

It's so different through the seasons isn't it? You just have to experience it all ^^

Feeding the birdies - by now it's already too cold to come out here for a picnic actually, but we had a brief lunch anyway and this was in early November 2016

From the park, you can see 2 bridges connecting Yeouido and the mainland - btw, did you know that Yeouido is an island? If you are facing the Han, the bridge on your left would be the Mapo bridge and on your right is the Wonhyo bridge. 

Take a walk to the right towards Wonhyo bridge and you will arrive at Eland Cruise's ferry dock; this is where you get to go on one of the Han River cruises offered by Eland Cruise company. I will make a dedicated post on that ;)

Eland Cruise ferry docks in late spring

If you don't get on a cruise, this part of the park has also fun things to offer, there's a bicycle rental place, a children's playground or you can simply sit on the grass embracing the view.

Some street art under the Wonhyo Bridge

Fake cherry blossom in front of Eland cruise dock :P
The walkway to the ferry

Last updated June 5th 2017


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